What have you always wanted to know?

So much will be happening this December.

After a little bit of a blogging drought (maybe not ‘little’), I’m happy to announce that this month will be packed with updates, surprises, competitions and whatever else we can think of. Yes I said ‘we’. As of the end of September, I now have an intern PA with lots of plans. Aspiring writer and book blogger Luna’s Little Library will be helping me in so many ways in the near future. One of those ways is insuring I don’t neglect this blog.

First up:

We’ll be answering YOUR QUESTIONS.

So calling all readers, bloggers, and authors.

Is there anything you’d like to ask me, either personally or as a writer?
Have you a question about my books, characters or writing in general?

Is there anything you’d like to ask Luna about being a book blogger?
How to get started as a blogger? What’s good about it, what’s not so good?
How easy or hard is it to give a bad review?

Do you want us to talk about the best or worst books we’ve ever read?
Hell, do you want to know our favourite cereal?

Just stick your questions in the comment section.
The answers will be published 7 December.

Don’t hold back.


4 thoughts on “What have you always wanted to know?

  1. I have some questions for both of you:)
    1.Which character were you most like as a teen?
    2. Which character would you most liked to have been like as a teen?
    3. Do you ever see really people around now, that remind you of any of the characters (I do!!!!)
    And 4. Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night with an ‘amazing idea’ that is so going to win awards and you can’t wait to write about it, and then you wake up the next day and realise that it was possibly the worst writing idea man kind has ever come up with. Ever. (This happens to me a lot.)

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