New Reviews

The lovely ChrissiReads reviewed all the Butterfly Novels this week.
The links are below, just click on the title. I’ve included some of the quotes.

And By The Way

“I was absolutely blown away by this book. I thought it was going to be a cutesy romance, which it was, but it was also much more besides. I went through every emotion when I was reading it.”

“Denise Deegan’s writing is beautiful. She really gets inside the head of her characters. I thought she portrayed Alex’s grief was so heartfelt and real.”

And For Your Information

And For Your Information… is more of a heart-wrenching tale. I couldn’t help but feel moved. I was reading a particularly moving part whilst drinking a yummy hot chocolate in Costa, and I had to put the book down before I began to bawl in public. That’s never a good look.

The writing was excellent, I caught up with some much loved characters and I was totally engrossed and moved by the story. It takes quite a lot for me to feel truly emotional by a book, so it’s a sign of a fantastic writer. I keep thinking of this book, long after reading it.

And Actually…

I have absolutely adored The Butterfly Novels, and I’m sad that this is the last book in the series. I have grown so attached to these characters

Once again Denise Deegan has done a brilliant job at getting to the her reader’s hearts. I felt so sorry for Rachel. She had been cast in a popular TV series and came face to face with Rebecca, a girl that bullied her at her previous school and destroyed her self-esteem.

There is still time for you to ask me questions, have a look HERE


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