2 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hi Denise,

    Many congratulations on winning the Spark award for “Through the Barricades”. It is absolutely wonderful news and richly deserved.
    I know that you must be up to your eyes at the moment but was wondering if there is any possibility that you might be able to visit us here in Wexford Library on or in the week of World Book Day (Mar 2nd)?
    If that doesn’t suit perhaps you might be able to visit us for our children’s book festival which runs throughout the month of October?
    Looking forward to hearing from you and congratulations once more.

    Kind Regards, Theresa

    • Theresa, thanks so much for your congratulations and your interest in a visit. I’m pretty sure this comment section is public. I wonder if you might send me an email or contact me through twitter or FB. Many thanks, Denise

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