School Visits

School Visit

Denise loves to visit secondary schools around Ireland.

She can:

  • give creative writing workshops,
  • do Q&A sessions about the life of a writer, what to do now if you want to be a writer, etc
  • run a book club where students read Denise’s books in advance and ask questions about character, plot etc.
  • or all of the above!

Teachers and librarians, interested in learning more, can contact Denise via the Contact page.

If you are a student who would like a visit, the best route is to ask your English teacher, school librarian or TY co-ordinator.

Denise also takes part in the Writer’s in Schools Scheme.


2 thoughts on “School Visits

  1. Dera Denise Deegan,

    I am a transition year student in St Louis Secondary School, Co.Monaghan. As part of our literacy promotion module we would be honoured, if you would visit our school to discuss your work and answer questions from our fellow students.

    The aim of this module is to promote literacy in our school and in our year group. We want to make people passionate about reading and help them realise the enjoyment and escape from the reality that it offers. We know that having you at our school would be a fantastic experience that would promote literacy in an exciting and new way.

    We know your work is greatly known and appreciated throughout our school and Ireland. Your visit would no doubt encourage people to read and even inspire them to follow your footsteps and become an author.

    We look forward to hearing from you,
    thank you,
    Niamh Jones

    • Hi Niamh, would you be able to contact me at the email address given on this site, please, or ask your teacher to do so. Many thanks, Denise

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